Chester Zoo Keepers On Tv

The Secret Life of the Zoo
Genre Documentary
Narrated by Olivia Colman Tamsin Greig
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language English
No. of series 10 (1 compilation series)
No. of episodes 69 (including specials) ( list of episodes )
Production company Blast! Films
Original network Channel 4
Picture format 16:9 1080i
Audio format Stereo
Original release 2 February 2016 – present

The Secret Life of the Zoo is a British documentary programme produced by Blast! Films on behalf of Channel 4, The series is filmed on location at Chester Zoo in the North West of England, and focuses on the behaviour of the animals at the zoo and their relationships with the keepers.

What day is the secret life of the zoo on TV?

The new series of The Secret Life of the Zoo airs on Channel 4, Wednesdays at 8pm from 26 August. –

Will there be new episodes of The Secret Life of the zoo?

The hugely popular show has been running for an incredible FIVE years now, with 65 episodes having broadcast in the UK since it first hit our screens in February 2016. This latest series – series 10 – will again transport the zoo into the homes and hearts of the nation, through another six UNSEEN episodes.

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When is the Secret Life of Chester Zoo back on TV?

Chester Zoo’s heart-warming TV series returns 21 August 2020 Since it first aired in 2016, Channel 4’s ground-breaking documentary series, The Secret Life of the Zoo, has taken viewers behind-the-scenes at the UK’s most popular wildlife attraction, Chester Zoo. Explore more Zoo news

What animals have been kept at Chester Zoo?

This episode looks back at some of Chester Zoo’s animal pairings, which includes penguins Rud and Spike and sloths Tina and Rico. This episode looks back at some of Chester Zoo’s expert escapologists. This episode features Sumatran Orangutan Subis and her children to Blue-Throated Macaw Girlie, Visayan warty pig Wendy and Andean Bear cub Madidi.

Who is the narrator of Chester Zoo series 6?

Production – The series gives viewers behind the scenes access to Chester Zoo’s 21,000 animals and the people who work there. The zoo’s keepers are interviewed in each episode about the various animals and incidents. Head of programmes at Blast!, Nick Hornby explained that as they wanted to tell the story from the animals’ perspectives, they did not want the bars of the cages to be in shot, so they placed fixed cameras in the various enclosures.

What do Chester Zoo’s Keepers want to breed?

The zoo’s keepers hope that dusky pademelons Kai and Styx will have Chester Zoo’s first pademelon joey. Sulawesi macaque Maggie is expecting her first child. Keepers are concerned about Asian forest tortoise Edna. Keepers are keen to breed some baby eastern bongos. Pinstripe damba George needs an immediate operation to prevent suffocation.